Tips for a better buy


Tips for abetter buy

We know the moments with your family are unique and unrepeatable...

At Photopro we understand how valuable these instants are, that's why we share with you a list of tips that will help improve your buy experience.

1. Plan your session in advance

Approach with our team of photographers at the different locations of our stores and schedule your session in advance. Be sure to prepare an outfit and other elements to make the occasion more special.

2. Don't forget to share all your contact information with the photographers

Whether you schedule a shoot or have photos taken at different moments of your vacation, be sure to share with our photographers the email address you used to register your Mypicspace account, as well as your name and room number.

3. Time is gold

The lighting is very important for an amazing session, that’s why we recommend you to arrive at the scheduled time and don’t waste time to take as many pictures as possible, remember you will take home only the ones you choose as the best.

4. Download your pictures

Since you have finished your buy process you will be able to see your session. Enter Mypicspace and download your photos in JPEG format and high resolution, remember that you will have 3 months after your purchase to do so, we recommend you to log in and backup them, so you can enjoy your memories anytime and anywhere you want.

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